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Leesfield & Partners national direct mail

New ASG brochure captures All Service Graphics depth of capability for printing, die cutting and custom varnishes.
LA-based International Litigation Services retained efSmart for rebranding and marketing.
The world of printing is changing every day. ASG hired efSmart to tell the story of people and technology.
Together with a new identity, the client introduces the Market Model Advisors web site.
Matz and Pietsch 22% marketing package
Parker Waichman LLP Serious Injury Alert Newsletter
Advertising for Trial law firm in Trial Magazine
BIGCASE law firm marketing campaign
Jimmie Vickers Suzuki Kizashi Billboard

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014; 4:22 PM;
Saying {Less}

Saying {Less}

The thankless job of convincingly saying {Less}.

All we really want is a shot at new business. Your website, literature and advertising might be getting in the way. Here’s why saying {less} is actually saying {more}.

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014; 6:37 PM;
The modern Bonobo

bonobo and web icons

Anthropology, Bonobos and social media: a clickable, teachable moment

Old is new again in college. The Bonobo, a calmer and brighter relative of the chimpanzee, shows us the way forward to a brighter clickable world where social media mavens can find an affinity with like-minded primates.

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Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Here are 8 reasons to think about a message and marketing makeover for your company:
  1. Friends and customers that understand what you do, say to their friends, “Their web site is impossible. Call them directly. Use my name.”
  2. You tweeted for a couple of weeks and nobody retweeted. You ran an ad in the newspaper but nobody called.
  3. Your marketing message to potential customers is “we do this”, “we do that” and “oh, yes, we do this too”.
  4. You use a lot of trade lingo and industry abbreviations in your marketing.
  5. You can’t explain what your company does without a lengthy presentation [it's too complicated, you say].
  6. When you’re introduced socially, the person that introduces you has it all wrong. You feel like you have to jump in and clarify.
  7. When you introduce yourself you never feel like you have enough time to describe what your company does.
  8. When your employees or family try to explain what your company does, they get it all wrong.

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